T-1 Day

Tomorrow is Dan’s last day at work.  I have mixed emotions because I know that it really is a blessing for him to be moving on, hopefully into something that he loves.  At the same time, the closer it gets to him being unemployed, the more my mind just starts to wander.  I have all the normal questions people ask in this kind of situation.  I’ve been there myself, so I’ve asked these same questions before:  How long?  What next?  What if?  Why?

In the center of those questions, though, I come back to the sense of peace I had when he told me a couple weeks ago.  No fear, just peace.  I’m not naive.  I know that times like this can be very stressful in marriages.  I have no Magic 8 Ball telling me how this will turn out, or guaranteeing that it won’t last for a while.  It’s just a gut feeling that we’ll come out alright, and maybe even better than if it hadn’t happened.

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