Yogurt making trick

A couple days ago I shared my method for making yogurt here.  The biggest challenge while making it is keeping a constant read on the temperature so you know when to take the milk off the heat and when to add the yogurt.

In the past, I just kept putting the thermometer in the milk and taking it out.  I didn’t want to leave it sitting in the double boiler because I’d get an inaccurate read if the thermometer was touching the bottom of the bowl.  The last time I made yogurt, I knew there had to be a better way (my thermometer is from the Dollar Store so it doesn’t have a handy clip to keep it in the pan without touching the walls).  Enter my handy-dandy bamboo skewer.

I had a skewer that was just long enough to fit across the top of the bowl, so I used tape to attach it to the back of my thermometer.  Now, I can get a quick and accurate read of the temperature of the milk while it’s heating on the double boiler and when it’s cooling on the counter.  If I ever need to use the thermometer for something else I can take the tape off the back (or since it was a dollar I could buy another one).

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