I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but a couple of weeks ago we had a glut of potatoes.  We got a ton from our CSA basket and maybe even a bag from a neighbor (?) and I was just tired of baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, and standard potato food.  I wanted something new, something exciting, so I thought to myself, “Self…what’s new and exciting that you can do with a potato?”  Gnocchi was the first thing that came to mind.  Granted it’s not new (people have been making gnocchi for a long time), and it’s probably not all that exciting to some, but I’ve had it once before at a restaurant and wanted a bite of those pillowy puffs of potato without paying out the nose for them.

I used this recipe from Tyler Florence on Food Network (side note: all of the Tyler Florence recipes I’ve ever tried have come out great…it seems like he does his homework on how to make things easy and taste good on the first try).

I made all the gnocchi before dropping it in batches into boiling water.

And, I only cooked what we were eating that night.  There was plenty to freeze, so I floured a baking sheet, spread the gnocchi on it so that none were on top of each other and put it in the freezer.  After they were frozen, I took them off the cookie sheet, put them all into a freezer bag and then we could just pull out the portion we wanted for future meals.  Just bring some water to a boil, drop them in until they float and add whatever sauce you want.  I used a brown butter sauce the first time, but after cooking the frozen ones I just dropped them into a small saute pan with the butter and let them cook until they got a little crispy on the outside.  All they needed at that point was a little parmesan cheese and it’s a gourmet meal at home in no time.

Gnocchi is a great recipe to do a lot at once because you can freeze it for later and it’s so easy to reheat.

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