Homemade bagels

There are times when making things from scratch is totally worth it, and times when it’s not.  In my book, bread products are always better when made with love at home, and these bagels are no exception.  Yes, it takes a few steps, and more time than just running out to the store.  But, they’re less expensive (less than $1.50 for eight bagels…18 cents each), use fewer ingredients, and still have that yummy, chewiness that bagels are all about.

I used this recipe from Allrecipes.com and they turned out great.  I used some farm fresh eggs from one of my dear friend’s backyard chickens and had a delightfully delicious breakfast sandwich the next morning.  I only wish I had made more bagels because it’s one of those recipes that’s really easy to double or triple.  Once you’re already in the bagel making mood you might as well crank ’em out.  Next time, though, I’m adding toppings…sesame seeds, cinnamon raison, blueberry, everything bagel, the options are endless when you make them yourself.

Any suggestions for toppings I should try?

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