What to do with K-cups

A couple years ago, we must have been feeling super rich and decided to get a Keurig coffee maker from Costco.  I don’t even drink coffee, so all the better that my hubby can make one cup at a time without having to brew a whole pot.  I use it for tea, hot chocolate, and other non-coffee drinks, but there are a couple downsides.

First, they sell pre-filled K-cups that you put in to make your coffee/tea.  Those can add up fast, averaging around .50 cents each unless you find them on sale.  It’s cheaper than Starbucks, but more than a couple scoops of grinds in a traditional coffee maker.

Second, the end result of the used K-cups are all these little plastic things that end up in the trash and feel like a huge waste.

The cost and the waste can accumulate quickly depending on how frequently you use it, so we came up with a couple solutions.

We bought a refillable K-cup from Amazon that has a snap-on lid.  We just fill it with grinds, put it in the Keurig, and brew a cup.  Then, we add the grinds to our compost heap (you could also sprinkle them directly in your garden).

For the times when we still use the pre-filled K-cups, I take off the foil top and put it in the recycle bin, dump out the grinds and tear out the mini filter inside to add to the compost, and then use the remaining plastic cup to start seeds for my garden.

They’re the perfect size for starting individual seeds, each one already has a little hole punched in the bottom for drainage from the Keurig machine, and you don’t have to waste of ton of planting medium on each seed.  They hold just the right amount for tucking in a seed and letting it grow until it’s time to pot up or plant out in the garden depending on the plant.

They usually last through a few seed starts before they crack, and when that happens I rinse them and put them in the recycle bin.

Any other ideas out there for how to use the K-cups after the coffee or tea is brewed?  Maybe attach them to a cardboard box and spray paint the whole thing red for a Lego style Halloween costume, or use a sharpie and write the name of your plants on them to use as temporary, stackable garden markers (I did that to keep track of where I planted my different types of tomatoes).  Anything else?

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