Bread in the oven

I can’t think of a more comforting aroma to fill a home than that of bread baking in the oven.  The end result being warm slices of heaven, slathered with butter (or not) to start or end the day on a high note.  I love making homemade bread.  The amount of work is so worth it, not just for the cost savings, but the health benefits of not adding a variety of preservatives and extra ingredients, and getting my daughter involved in the process to see how food is actually made.

I’ve used a variety of recipes for my bread, but recently found what I consider the winner.  There aren’t a ton of ingredients, it has a good crust and crumb, I can switch it up depending on the type of flour I have on hand, and my family loves it.  It’s not too sweet or too sour, a perfect neutral flavor for all kinds of uses (french toast, sandwiches, garlic toast, cinnamon sugar toast).

The recipe I use comes from:

I don’t modify the recipe at all and use olive oil as my oil of choice for that ingredient.  It has never failed me and I’ve even doubled the recipe with great success.

If you’ve never made homemade bread before, this is a perfect recipe to get started.  Don’t let it intimidate you.  Follow the recipe, make sure you use good yeast, don’t let it over-rise when it’s formed into the loaves (compromises the internal structure of the bread if it gets too puffy) and it will turn out great.

There are as many yummy bread recipes as there are bakers.  If you have a favorite I’d love to try it.  Just add it to the comments.

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