Ode to the public library

Public library, how I love thee.
Let me count the ways…

  1. Books to check out, for free, all the time
  2. Still just 25 cents per book per day if I’m overdue
  3. Automated phone message reminding me if I’m overdue so I can return books and not rack up fees
  4. Friends of the Library bookstore where I took advantage of the “Everything 10 cents” blow-out sale and got 4 book and 5 DVDs (two Veggie Tales, Winnie the Pooh, Blues Clues, and Thomas the Train) for a total of $0.90.  Are you kidding me?  90 CENTS!!
  5. Special kids areas and activities where I can bring my daughter for a fun get-to-know-the-library experience
  6. Being able to place holds on books and have them transferred from other libraries to my nearest one for a quarter.  That’s cheaper than the gas it would take me to drive to another library.
  7. Having access to all kinds of resources that I can review before deciding if I want to buy any of them (used, of course).  So far I’ve purchased two used books off of Amazon for $2.00 each that qualified for super-saver shipping with some other items I purchased bringing the total to $25.  I checked out a whole bunch from the library and decided those were the two I wanted.  I didn’t have to buy them to review and then try to return them.
  8. I can check books out on my Kindle app for my phone or iPad
  9. 2 renewal opportunities giving me a total of about 9 weeks with each book (if I haven’t read it or started it within 9 weeks it’s time to return it anyways)
  10. Getting to enjoy all of these books without having to make permanent room on my bookshelf for them

Reason 11-1 million (or more): Each individual book, resource, video, and other media  that’s available to enrich us and spread the joy of reading and learning.

If your local public library isn’t your BFF, it should be.  Get to know it, love it, check stuff out and return it on time.  Your life is about to change. BAM!

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