My Roots

Frugalonomy started out of a true desire to share what little knowledge I’ve gathered out of my interest in saving money, time, and resources with people who also have something to teach me.

I’m more than just out for a good deal.  I need things to make sense for my life, meaning that the scale has to weigh pretty heavily to one side to sway me from my normal routine.  I’m a creature of unorganized habit, love random streams of consciousness, and thrive in chaos, but fortunately found a wonderful husband to provide some balance.  Part of that balance includes a beautiful daughter and baby boy who don’t understand (yet) that their mom is a bit crazy…I’m sure they’ll come to that conclusion on their own.

We cloth diaper (when we can), eat out most of the time (trying to change this), and sometimes don’t eat all of our produce before it goes into the compost bin.  I water my plants when I remember.  My coupon shopping comes and goes in waves, along with my sewing projects, and occasionally our laundry and dishes.  Frugality became less of a choice and more of a necessity when my husband was laid off.

I’m a practical dreamer who trusts that the plans the Lord has laid out are ultimately better than the ones I have planned for myself.


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